Dealing with Disagreement and Conflict


Dealing with Disagreement and Conflict

Aug 2013 Connections. Being Christian doesn’t require always being “nice” or “sweet.” It often brings conflict, on the way to greater insight. Read/download 8-2013 Connections >

Feb 2013 Connections. Many public-school Bible courses are biased, inaccurate, and in violation of the religious freedom the U.S. Constitution guarantees. Read/download 2-2013 Connections >

Jan 2013 Connections. What’s required for being a Christian? Beliefs, behaviors, good intentions, or something else? Read/download 1-2013 Connections >

Sept 2011 Connections. Many Christians retreat into gated communities, and many churches exclude people, while claiming to follow Jesus, who ate with tax collectors and sinners. Read/download 9-2011 Connections >

Nov 2010 Connections. An unbridgeable gulf seems to exists between theologically conservative and fundamentalist Christians, and those who are more liberal or progressive. Read/download 11-2010 Connections >

Aug 2006 Connections. Since writing last month’s Connections about conflict, I’ve learned how reluctant many churches are to work at resolving their conflict, despite the availability of competent help. I’ve learned more, too, about how common serious church conflict… Continue reading →

July 2006 Connections. What might we Christians be for this world, asks Thomas W. Porter, Jr. in Conflict and Communion, if we let ourselves become agents of healing? What if we led our communities in forgiveness? The great issue… Continue reading →

June 2004 Connections. “We were like a pebble in the path of a steamroller,” said a delegate to last month’s United Methodist General Conference who was dismayed, as I was, when it strengthened rather than softened the UMC’s official… Continue reading →

May 2004 Connections. “The Christian life,” says Marcus Borg in The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith (HarperSan- Francisco, 2003), is about the Spirit of God opening our hearts in thin places.” This metaphor, based on Paul’s… Continue reading →

Mar 2003 Connections. In his many years as a United Methodist pastor and teacher, George M. Ricker reports in his What You Don’t Have to Believe to Be a Christian (Sunbelt Eakin Press, 2002), he has repeatedly seen the… Continue reading →

Feb 2003 Connections. In our culture there’s a great separation between religion and reality, observes retired United Methodist clergyman Richard F. Elliott, Jr., in his 1998 book Falling in Love with Mystery: We Don’t Have to Pretend Anymore. Very… Continue reading →

Jan 2003 Connections. I’ve recently learned about a church employee who is doing an outstanding job but whose job is threatened because the employee is dating someone whom some church members don’t think the employee should be dating. To me… Continue reading →

Dec 1999 Connections. At this season of the Christian year we often focus on scriptures that describe what life would be like if everyone obeyed God’s will. We understand Jesus to have come to earth as the perfect… Continue reading →