Dealing with Diversity


Dealing with Diversity

Aug 2014 Connections. In his book, American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America (Penguin, 2011), historian and journalist Colin Woodard explains that our continent was originally colonized by 11 different “nations” — cultural groups… Continue reading →

July 2014 Connections. Our true founders didn’t have an “original intent” that we can refer back to in challenging times such as this, observes historian and journalist Colin Woodard. Instead, they had original intents — plural. In his… Continue reading →

July 2013 Connections. With one admirable exception, conservative Christians in the Texas Legislature often violate religious freedom with their sectarian invocations. Read/download 7-2013 Connections >

Sept 2011 Connections. Many Christians retreat into gated communities, and many churches exclude people, while claiming to follow Jesus, who ate with tax collectors and sinners. Read/download 9-2011 Connections >

July 2007 Connections. If you could choose a group of people to advise our president regularly about how to deal with the current conflicts in the U.S., in Iraq, and elsewhere in the world, who would you choose? I… Continue reading →

Feb 2002 Connections. I’m writing this on Sunday morning, December 23, “Christmas Sunday.” It’s a Sunday when even the rare attenders go to church, but even though I’m a regular one I’m not there. I’m not sick or away… Continue reading →

Jan 2002 Connections. Some Christians say pluralism is sinful. Others say it is the only loving and wise approach—the faithful Christian approach—to a religiously diverse world. In the latter group is lifelong United Methodist Diana L. Eck, who leads Harvard’s Pluralism Project.

Dec 2001 Connections. At Christmas more than at any other time of year, we’re confronted with questions about Christian displays in public places. Should nativity scenes be on the lawns of government buildings? Should public schools observe the religious aspects… Continue reading →

Sep 1999 Connections. Responses to the July and August Connections, about Jesus talk and Jesus pictures, have reminded me of how different people are, even when they’re Christians. Read/download 9-1999 Connections

Nov 1992 Connections. Barbara begins sending a monthly letter to people who seem likely to care about the church, expressing her church-related concerns. Read/download 6-93 Connections >