Social issues


Social Issues

Oct 2014 Connections. Given our Constitution’s requirement that church and state remain separate, religion should appear in public schools only in a balanced historical context that informs students about the world’s religions. But too often, Christian evangelism is allowed… Continue reading →

May 2014 Connections. Fighting injustice by making it public. Several recent books have presented thought-provoking views about current national and world to reflect what Jesus advocated, what Christians ask for in the Lord’s Prayer. Read/download 5-2014 Connections >

June 2013 Connections. Working with the poor, changing outdated beliefs, promoting justice: all are important for Christians. Read/download 6-2013 Connections >

Mar 2013 Connections. Many activities presented by public schools and governments violate the religious freedom that the U.S. Constitution guarantees. Read/download 3-2013 Connections >

Dec 2011 Connections. Being Christian requires more than giving money to charities. It requires recognizing today’s oppressed people and showing solidarity with them. Read/download 12-2011 Connections >

Mar 2011 Connections. What makes a protest produce real change? How can church members nudge pastors forward? Can they do it effectively within the church system? From outside? Read/download 3-2011 Connections >

Aug 2010 Connections. In All My Bones Shake, author and journalism professor Robert Jensen tells how he has spent his life “seeking a progressive path to the prophetic voice.” Read/download 8-2010 Connections >

Jan 2010 Connections. The book Faith-Based War, by Walter Herbert, asks important questions about war and peace and related topics, including torture. Read/download 1-2010 Connections >

Aug 2009 Connections. Books by Lutheran travel writer Rick Steves, history andinternational relations prof Andrew Bacevich, and Episcopalian religion writer Phyllis Tickle. I keep coming across interesting books that present thought provoking observations about today’s church and… Continue reading →

July 2008 Connections. The lives of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have made community organizing, begun in the 1940s, prominent in current news. Read/download 7-2008 Connections >

May 2008 Connections. War seems to be a taboo subject in most churches, yet discussing how it relates to the teaching of Jesus seems very important for Christians. Read/download 5-2008 Connection >

June 2006 Connections. Experiencing God as known in Jesus gives people courage and power to help change the world. It leads them to promote justice and peace. It motivates them to resist the violence, environmental harm, and selfish use… Continue reading →

July 2005 Connections. Many Christians say politics has nothing to do with God. They say church officials shouldn’t take sides with regard to candidates for political offices or to current issues like budgets, war, or how to deal with… Continue reading →

Dec 2004 Connections. According to a poll taken immediately after the recent U.S. election, moral values were the main basis on which voters decided which presidential candidate to vote for. And a high proportion of voters on the winning… Continue reading →

Dec 2002 Connections. What a contrast. It’s the season in which we most often hear scriptures about peace, but current news all seems to be about war preparations. Read/download 12-2002 Connections

Mar 2002 Connections.  Christians not only have widely different views about war. Many also feel very strongly about whatever view they hold. A response I received to the February Connectionsreminded me of that. I had merely mentioned that… Continue reading →

Nov 2001 Connections. Terrorist attacks on the U.S. have revived the issue of school prayer and the question of whether the majority should impose its practices on minorities. Read/download 11-2001 Connections

Oct 2001 Connections.  Shocking. Unbelievable. Terrifying. Devastating. It’s all that and more. How will U. S. Christians respond? I’m glad we’re showing more appreciation for our country and its freedoms. I’m glad we’re trying to put an end to… Continue reading →

Feb 2000Connections. Several recent newspaper articles have made me think about how our society treats the people who are convicted of crimes. I read about Kathleen Soliah, for example, a violent terrorist in the 1970’s. She had avoided… Continue reading →